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What is Broker Price Opinion Outsourcing?
BPO Acronym stands for Broker’s Price Opinion. A Broker’s Price Opinion can be used for a host of reasons, and is performed by a local real estate agent who is familiar with the real estate marketplace. It is not a formal appraisal. An appraisal is performed by a licensed appraiser who has done extensive training in assessing market value.

Broker price opinions are just that, an “opinion” of value. It generally requires three active comparable sales, and three sold comparable sales. The Real Estate makes basic adjustments for the differences between the subject home and the comparable homes used in the report. You can find a list of BPO Outsourcers on this site, to make application to become one of their BPO vendors.

Broker price opinions are requested in mainly 2 forms:

A. Exterior Broker Price Opinion. Also referred to as a “drive by” BPO. This form type requires only exterior photo’s of the home. It will generally require a photo of the exterior of the home, a zoomed in photo of the address on the home (address verification photo), street photo’s in both directions from the home, a street sign photo, and a photo of each side of the home.

B. Interior Broker Price Opinion. The interior Broker Price Opinion requires all photo’s required in the Exterior BPO PLUS a photo of each room of the home, a photo of the water heater, electric panel, heating and air unit(s), and backyard photos, along with a photo of the back of the home. An interior BPO will generally require photo’s of any individual damages as well.

How to add BPO orders?
There are Two ways to add new BPO orders. First approach is best used when adding bulk orders, and that is by adding thru the use of CSV- where all BPO addresses, its valuation site, type of order they’re in are listed on an excel sheet so they may be uploaded and added only once in the platform. When adding individual orders, clients may click on the add order button just below the CSV adding button.

When can I add BPO orders?
Before you can add BPO orders for processing, make sure you have chosen at least One type of billing method upon account registration. You may choose to get billed weekly by choosing “Postpaid” or you may choose “Prepaid” if you want to add credits first so you may be allowed to add orders in behalf of your account.

When is the usual turnaround time?
Regular or average turnaround time of BPO orders are within 24 hours upon order activation in the Pipeline. WeValue BPO Inc. will immediately notify via e-mail when the system is handling large volume of BPO orders and couldn’t possibly process all orders in 24 hours. However, rush orders entered will be prioritized.

How will I get billed?
For postpaid accounts where clients are billed weekly, you will be notified via e-mail. An invoice for the past weeks’ BPO orders will be listed with the total amount due, and you may pay through Paypal when logging in to your WeValueBPO account.

What is referral program and how does it work?
WeValue BPO referral program is available to all registered clients. This program entitles current clients who has referred another agent/broker to register to the site and has added orders in the Pipeline. This gives the client free credits for certain BPO services.

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